“All that’s myself I carry with me”

The romantic and contemporary traveler, icon of Ab A Brand Apart, for this fw 13 14 season begins the trip into a new world, different and unusual: The magical and dream-like atmosphere of the witches from XVI century. Through the use of their magic formula, symbols and colors, ab a brand apart wants to interpret charmingly and with extreme attention to details, everything that surrounds this fascinating and discussed world. The use of intense colors such as deep gold , silver and red, together with a new metal finish, makes the final result even more unique. A fascinating journey that speaks to timeless men and a women, who can recognize each other just through a glance, this is the new AB A BRAND APART FW 13 14 collection.


AB A BRAND APART is a study of balance between Italian artisan leather making and the modern day demands from new contemporary travelers. Designed by Andrea Brà, AB for his initials, A BRAND APART represents the philosophy of simplicity, elegance and tradition of handmade Italian accessories, whit deep attention to details and using only the finest quality of materials. This ss14 season collection bring us to the “ENCHANTED FOREST”, with its majesty and its charm. Shades of natural colors and flashes of earthly greens are complimented with a charming ray of fluorescent sun, this season is full of passion yet intriguing contrasts of black & white optics.